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clara government building. they have ended their door-to-door search and we talked to the young man who tried to save the 29-year-old woman. >> the brutal stabbing happened in broad daylight just after he a the afternoon in a parking lot next to the togo sachbd witch shop. he was eating there and rushed out to help the woman who was slashed on her neck and arms. >> i held her head up and kept pressure on it. can you give me any name and she couldn't really took. >> he was covered in blood when paramedics arrived. >> it was horrible for her to have to die that way. by me being there it wasn't that bad way he was >> he was doing handy work and had to convince police he was not the killer. real culprit hopped a fence and ran through the neighborhood where they found blood in front of some homes. >> we've been told to stay in our house and with doors and windows locked. >> police went door to door checking dozens of houses, garages and other possible hiding places. they are trying to figure out what led up to the attack. >> the male suspect basically approached our female victim. we don't k
me after he stabbed his government. >> a san francisco nightclub is closed after a triple shooting this morning. one of the victims is in critical condition. all victims are from the east bay. >>> san leandro police are investigating the city's first hd hd -- homicide of the year. man was murdered when he came to defend his mother-in-law. the woman was unloading her car when someone tried to rob her. an unidentified 33-year-old man was shot when he tried to help her. police are looking for two suspects, possibly a man and a woman, who drove away in a dark colored see dan. >> new details about an officer-involved shooting that wounded a castro valley man. the 49-year-old parolee was shot after pointing what looked to be a rifle at alameda county sheriff's deputies. deputies now say the gun was fake, made of wood. you can see it in our video here. the incident began last night when his family called 9-1-1 to report he was acting erratically. deputies say he also called 9-1-1 and threatened to kill deputies when they arrived. >> oakland city officials are continuing their community ou
the government promoting something i don't believe in, but i don't mind if they are neutral on the issue. >> there are about 250 general public seats for each case. the courts is expected to rule late in june. carolyn tyler will be in court when the nation's highest court will consider whether they will give the right to marry. >> the issue of boy scouts allowing those who are openly gay to join may come to an end. meanwhile in florida a new coalition called "on my honor" called from openly banning people from the scouts. they predict dire consequences if such a thing should come to pass. >> >> it will transform the program and something that is entirely inappropriate for children. >> it will not solve a great old problem. >> the argument is similar to the one used against integration in the 50s and 60s. members in cyst they want to hear all of the opinions on the issue. >> things are back to normal in the mill pea das -- mill pea ties neighborhood. they isolated and evacuated the area of sout park victoria drive. they were relocated to the mill pea it is a sports center. the residential
from many faiths joined undocumented immigrants and calling on the government to provide a path to american citizenship for 11 million people. they packed the episcopal church of saint john the evangelist in the mission district. the crowd listened to the callgo co america's immigration system broken. one young woman hopes a clear path to citizenship will allow her a chance to put her journalism to greater work. >> a lot of people are working hard to get a career and they want to provide for their fa family and once you graduate from college, it is hard to work legally in the country. and that becomes a big stepping block in order to move forward. >> the san francisco organizing project says two-thirds of undocumented immigrants have been in the u.s. for more than a decade. >>> we are seeing some changes come our way. let's check in now with meteorologist leigh glaser and live doppler 7hd. >> well, at least we get one more dry day before the rain returns across the bay area. already starting to see some clouds. these are mainly high clouds. live doppler 7hd is not picking up moi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4